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March 2020
1 The Street Dog Coalition: Serving the Pets of the Homeless

Pup Can't Get Over Mechanical Frog

2 How Sniffing Benefits Your Dog's Physical Health

Who Knew Dogs Had This Many Facial Expressions?

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dog Chewing, Noise Phobia and Asthma

3 5 Mistakes Owners Make When Adopting a New Cat

Orphaned Chimps Attend 'School' in the Forest

Why Scientists Painted Stripes on Cows

4 Allergic to Dogs? This Test Can Tell You Which Ones

Three-Day-Old Foster Kitten Learns to Thrive

5 Monkey Study Reveals What May Matter Most in Relationships

A Surf Board Is This Dog's 'Happy Place'

Goats Help Prevent California Wildfires

6 The Dos and Don'ts of Crate Training

Baby Rhino Gets a Kick Out of the Dusty Trail

7 A Fountain of Youth for Aging Pets — Is It Right for Yours?

Persian Cat and Fawn, Face to Face

8 The Best Type of Training for Your Dog's Mental Health

Pups and Chimps Are the Sweetest Friends

9 5 Mind-Challenging Games to Play With Your Dog

Kodiak Deer Congregate and Migrate

Weekly Pet Quiz: Sniffing Dog, Crate Training and Nutrients

10 How Probiotics Can Improve Your Pet's Health

Cat Enjoys Her 'Shotgun' Perch in Semi

Dog Gets Wheels Thanks to Engineering Students

11 Could Your Dog Help Save a Life?

Puppy Tries to 'Go Fish,' but They All Get Away

12 The Tragic Toll of Australia's Devastating Bushfires

Duck Named 'Ben Afquack' Loves Adventure

Mistaken Mating Led to 40 New Fish Species in African Lake

13 Why Dogs Understand Humans, Even Without Training

Husky Pup Wants to Play With the Cat

14 Ignoring Your Pet's Teeth? 4 Ways You May Be Causing Harm

Shar Pei Gets a Family

15 COVID-19 and Your Pet — What You Need to Know

Baby Chimps Like Playing With Bubbles

16 How to Feed Your Dog to Help Avoid Malignancy

Hairless Sphynx Cats Are Also Copycats

Weekly Pet Quiz: Training, Bushfires and Genetics

17 Is Your Cat's Diarrhea a Cause for Concern?

Dog and Bicyclist Take the Trails Together

Why the Blue Whale's Heart Rate Matters

18 This Common Eye Condition Can Lead to Blindness

Bear Stuck in Dumpster Helped by Local Police

19 Why Do Some Dogs Have More Colorful Coats?

19-Year-Old Shelter Dog Gets Adopted

How to Build Your Own Pet Waste Digester

20 The Endearing Ways Dogs Communicate With Us

Injured Fawn Is Rescued and Returned to His Mom

21 Don't Ever Purchase Your Pet on a Payment Plan — Here's Why

Riot, a Patient Pit Bull, Teaches Foster Pups How to Dog

22 How Can Raw Pet Food Contain No Bacteria?

How to Make Peace With a Garden Critter

23 As Allergy Season Approaches, Think Twice Before Using This

Patience Transforms an 'Unadoptable' Cat

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dry Eye Syndrome and Puppy Mills

24 8 Ways to Tell Your Cat 'I Love You'

Pretty Yellow Parakeet Likes Talking to Himself

The Nose Knows: How Dogs Are Saving Citrus Trees

25 The Stealthy, Tumor-Linked Pathogen That Hides in Cells

Abandoned Dogs Rescued by Guy Who Cares

26 The Best Pets for Kids of All Ages

Why Baby Boy Cows Needed Rescuing

Some Dog Breeds Could Be at Risk of Adverse Drug Reactions

27 Is Muzzle Grabbing the Right Way to Greet a Dog?

Senior Dog, Mini, Wins Over Scared Little Boy

28 The Exciting Trends Making Shelter Animals More Adoptable

Thirsty Fruit Bats Dive for Drinks

29 A Call to Action: The Daily Struggles of Flat-Faced Dogs

Rare Striped Possum Orphan Is Raised Right

30 How to Win the Battle With Fleas

Adopting Bentley: 'He's Definitely Made Our Life Better'

Weekly Pet Quiz: Pets for Kids, Dog Greetings and Shelters

31 Four Common Tumors Every Cat Parent Needs to Know

Ben the Rescue Chicken 'Rescues' an Egg

Similarities Between Dog Brains and Squid Brains