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April 2020
1 What's Causing Your Dog's Itchy Paws?

Cat Spies Fly 22 Floors Up

2 These Endangered Animals Vocalize Like Humans

Defeated Dog Takes on a New Attitude

Wolf Puppies Surprise Researchers by Playing Fetch

3 Bonding Activities That Awaken Your Dog's Natural Drives

Baby Skunks Do the Cutest Thing

4 Urinary Tract Issue? Don't Make This Grave Mistake

Dog Sitting a Chihuahua Turned Into His Calling

5 How to Help Children Overcome Fear of Dogs

Tiny Skunk Siblings Grow Up to Return to the Wild

6 Why Glyphosate Is so Dangerous for Your Pet

If This Wolf Picks You, It's Friendship for Life

Weekly Pet Quiz: Flea Bites, Itchy Paws and Penguins

7 Failed Study Confirms Long-Held Suspicions About Pet Food

Diver Is on 'Head Rubbing' Terms With a Shark

Is It Possible to Read a Dog’s Facial Expression?

8 Is Itchy Skin Making Your Dog Depressed and Anxious?

The New Kitten: Not so Shy After All!

9 Vanishing Bumblebees, a Sign of Mass Extinction?

Terrified for Months, Pup Finally Wags Her Tail

Cat Gets Titanium Paws

10 How to Help Your Dog Avoid Separation Anxiety

Woman Spends 700 Hours on Phone to Save Dogs

11 12 Science-Based Reasons Why Pets Improve Our Lives

Starlings Make Mind-Blowing Sky Formations

12 Should You Give CBD to Your Pet?

Underweight Kitten Turns Into the 'Wild Child'

13 What the Science Says About Human-Grade Food for Pets

This Kid Finds Homes for Shelter Dogs

Weekly Pet Quiz: Food Labels, Bumblebees and Clingy Pet

14 Help Prevent the Most Common Feline Heart Condition

Cute Gosling Follows His Rescuer Everywhere

What Can This Dog’s Extensive Toy Vocabulary Teach Us?

15 Estrogen's Effect on Tumors You Really Can Help Control

Dog Wanders Into Her Forever Home

16 The Uncanny Way Horses Can Read Human Emotions

Paralyzed Great Dane Puppy Won't Quit

Introducing Your Pet to a New Baby

17 How to Thwart Your Champion Backyard Digger

See How This Parrot Imitates a Door Stopper

18 Human Indulgences — How Appropriate for Dogs?

This Dog Knows Nana Is His Best Bud

19 COVID-19's Silver Lining — A Boon for Homeless Pets

How Do You Know if Your Cat Is Really Sleeping?

20 4 Clues Your Dog's Itchiness May Be Food-Related

Baby Otter Learns Swimming in a Tub

Weekly Pet Quiz: Raw Pet Food, Heart Disease and Digging

21 The Hidden Feline Virus That Can Affect Joints and Kidneys

Abandoned Puppies Get the Help They Need

Shelter Dogs Need Sleepover Foster Heroes

22 Got a Dog? Here's Your COVID-19 Canine Survival Guide

Hairless, Homeless Pup Picks the Right Lady

23 Stressed Pet? Behavior Experts Offer 10 Key Calming Steps

Python Hangs Out in His Own Yarn Cave

Cats Exposed to Wildfires May Suffer Heart Problems

24 Can Dogs Detect COVID-19 in Humans?

Baby Seal Finally Takes the Plunge

25 Your Most Common Questions Answered About COVID-19

Golden Retriever Entranced by Onscreen Dog

26 The Dog Doc — Sit. Stay. Heal.

How Dogs Try Beating the System

27 The Link Between Dry Food, Tumors and Disease

Barking Dogs Annoy Parrot

Weekly Pet Quiz: Food Sensitivity, Stressed Pet, COVID-19

28 Why Cats Get Constipated — 6 Ways to Help

Baby Goat Makes Friends With the Barn Kitties

When Your Dog Hates the Mail Carrier

29 Promising New Test for Elusive Bowel Disease

Tiny One-Eared Pup Has Spirit

30 Dogs at Risk of Severe Injury in Pickup Truck Beds

Golden Retriever Puppy Barks to Hold Back the Tide

Rising Temperatures May Make Birds Smaller