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May 2020
1 How Your Dog Uses Her Whole Brain to Understand You

Pheasant Turns Thug for Buster's Breakfast

2 Stockpiling Pet Food? Watch Out for These Caveats

Dog Realizes She's at the Dog Park, Loses Her Mind!

3 The Profound Healing Tool You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Curious Cat Discovers She Has Ears

4 Why Do Dogs Have These Quirky Habits?

Cat Naps on Top of Husky

Weekly Pet Quiz: Processed Food, IBD and Dog's Brains

5 Cats and Coronavirus: What You Need to Know

Dog Complains to Get His Water Dish Refilled

Petting Dogs and Cats Can Lower Stress and More

6 The Best Dog Breeds for Allergy Sufferers

Cockatoo Gets Knocked Off His Perch

7 Stunning Evidence Suggests Dogs Lived During the Ice Age

Pygmy 'Kids' Have a Spring in Their Step

Why Different Four-Legged Animals Walk the Same

8 6 Questions to Ask When Adopting a Shelter Dog

Tiny Pup Befriends 120-Pound Great Dane

9 Strategies to Help Cats and Dogs to Peacefully Coexist

Hidden Camera Shows Cat Comforting the Dog

10 Why It's Time Veterinarians Accept This Feeding Trend

Feisty Cat Vs. Assertive Chicken

11 The Pluses and Minuses of Doggy Daycare

Mistreated Pit Bull Finds a Bosom Buddy

Weekly Pet Quiz: Coronavirus, Allergies and Dogs' History

12 Crafty Ways to Slim Down an Overly Plump Cat

Dog Takes Action After Finding Cat in Her Bed

This Town Traded Parking Tickets for Animal Shelter Donations

13 Caring for Your Dog in His Second Half of Life

The Beautiful Colors of Maine Coon Cats

14 Like Some Mammals, These Birds Put Others First

Movie Is so Scary This Pup Can't Even Watch!

Is Avocado Safe for Dogs?

15 Choosing the Right Pet Sitter When You Travel

Colorful Creatures of the Sea

16 Sheltering in Place? Your Pets May Be Stressed Too

Fluffy Kitten and Roly-Poly Puppy

17 Should You Get Your Pet Tested for SARS-CoV-2?

Couple Starts the Mr. Mo Project for Senior Dogs

18 Could Your Dog's Anxiety or Compulsive Behavior Be Autism?

Puppy Sinks Into Blanket Basket Bliss

Weekly Pet Quiz: Doggy Daycare, Older Dogs and Coronavirus

19 5 Zany Things That Cats Love to Do

Husky Shares Nap Space With Young Pup

Why Some Dogs Pee When You Pet Them

20 Why Ear Problems Are Nearly Epidemic in Dogs

A Beagle and Bunny Bond Is a Rare Thing

21 What Humans Can Learn From Brain Tumors in Dogs

Malamutes and Maine Coon Meet Their New Human

Gut Microbiome Could Hold the Key to Saving Whooping Cranes

22 What to Consider Before Taking Your Dog Hiking

Wild Lorikeet Decides to Trust Helpful Human

23 Trendy Proteins — Are They Right for Your Pet?

Tiny, Fragile Koala Finds Climbing Instinctive

24 Even Better Than Cranberries for Urinary Tract Health

'There Was No Way We Could Break That Bond'

25 7 Reasons Dogs Vomit and When To Be Concerned

Frightened Foster Cat Changes Everything

Weekly Pet Quiz: OCD, Tumors and the Best Protein Sources

26 Choosing Feline-Friendly Houseplants and Flowers

Foster Home Transforms Sadly Underweight Puppy

Cool Cats: Chillin’ With the Power of Music

27 Alternative Therapies for Seizure Disorders in Dogs

Sad Dog on the Beach Finds a Forever Family

28 How 400-Plus Dog Breeds Evolved From the Grey Wolf

Dog and Boy's 'Bestest' Friendship

Koalas Are Marsupials but Climb Like Primates

29 Riding With Dogs — How to Keep Everyone Safe and Sane

Caring for a Dog Can Make All the Difference

30 Cutting-Edge Therapy for Wounds, Growths and Infections

Copycat Animals

31 Why so Many Pet Food Makers Can't Speak the Truth

Golden Retriever Enjoys Entertaining His Kitten