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June 2020
1 Why Your Dog Needs to Sleep — A Lot

When Sibling Dogs Test the 'Trust Fall'

Weekly Pet Quiz: Why Dogs Vomit, Safe Plants and Car Rides

2 When Feline Coronavirus Turns Deadly

Great Dane Reacts Enthusiastically to a Balloon

Poll Reveals How Pets Help Older Adults

3 Are Some Dogs Born With Their Unwanted Behaviors?

Is This Dog Glad to See His Human or What?

4 How Therapy Dogs Can Transform Emergency Rooms

Albino Elephant Calf Is All 'Sunshine'

What You Can't Learn About Captive Tigers From 'Tiger King'

5 12 Signs Your Dog Is Becoming Overheated

Life With a Pittie Named Mocha Bean

6 Potentially Lifesaving for You, Poison to Your Pet

'No Dog Forgotten' Could Be This Rescuer's Motto

7 Nourishing Body and Spirit in an Uncertain World

Dog and Mailman Are Best Buds

8 Why Many Dogs Dislike Hugs, Even by Their Favorite Human

Hissing Feral Feline Becomes a Pussy Cat

9 When Your Cat's Meow Deserves a Listen

How Dogs Help You Stay Normal

Sea Otters Reveal Ways Pathogens Move From Land to Sea

10 This Rare yet Aggressive Malignancy Mostly Strikes Big Dogs

Animals Bond With Their Babies, Too

11 Therapy Dogs to the Rescue for Airport Stress

Rescued Magpie's Best Friend Is the Cat

Children and Dogs Partner to Help Clear Minefields

12 The Workout Buddy You Can Count On

'Mini' Pet Pig Finds a Home

13 Your Summer Getaway — With or Without Pets?

Cat Doesn't Appreciate Hands That Write

14 Coconut Oil for Dogs and Cats: Good Health From Nose to Tail

Foster Cat and Dog Enjoy Togetherness

15 The Uncanny Ways Your Dog Reads Your Moods

'I'm All in on This Dog'

Weekly Pet Quiz: Hugs, Talking to Your Cat and Therapy Dogs

16 Wild Cats Don't Routinely Vomit, Neither Should Yours

Only as Big as His Paw, This Dog Adopts a Kitten

How a Dog Can Change the World for People With Autism

17 10 Ways You Might Be Stressing Out Your Dog

Is It Possible to 'Rehab' a Miniscule Mouse? Yes!

18 These Once-Domesticated Cats Now Roam Island Forests

Cockatoo Tries Doing Everything Her Human Does

Paramedics Learn How to Treat Injured K9s

19 How Your Dog's Whining Affects You

Cuddlebug Cat Never Gets Tired of Kisses

20 What Pet Owners Understand Even More Than the Experts

Enveloped in Fishing Lines, a Sea Turtle Needs Help

21 The Ideal Time to Socialize Your Puppy or Kitten

Blind Dog Adopted by Mother-Daughter Team

22 Mercola Healthy Pets Celebrates 10 Years!

Puppy Mill Pup Finds His Forever Home

Weekly Pet Quiz: Dogs Senses, Stressors and Island Cats

23 Could Integrative Medicine Help Veterinarians Avoid Burnout?

Rescuing Dogs No One Else Wants

How Can Studying Bear Hibernation Help Humans?

24 Integrative Medicine: A Functional Approach to Healing

Special Needs Dogs Find Each Other

25 A Vital Tool for Every Animal Healer: An Open Mind

Dog Greets His Favorite Human With the Zoomies

Dolphins' Personalities Range From Shy to Bold

26 Integrative Practitioners Are Seekers and Searchers

How to Reunite a Baby Squirrel With His Mom

27 Infinite Options for Preventing and Treating Disease in Pets

Woman Saves Difficult Dog From Euthanasia

28 An Integrative Approach to Treating Tumors in Pets

29 Managing This Degenerative, Paralyzing Disease in Dogs

30 Watch Out for This Synthetic Vitamin — It's a Liver Toxin

Jackrabbits Dying of Disease