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July 2020
1 The Genetic Features of Long-Living Dogs

2 What Do Dogs, Snakes and Vampire Bats Have in Common?

Sharks Use Shallow Water as a Refuge From Larger Sharks

3 Are You Making This Mistake With Your On-Leash Dog?

4 Fireworks and Chaos — Protect Your Pet From Harm

5 Avoid This 'Expert' Oncology Advice for Your Pet

6 Long-Overdue Reprieve for Flat-Faced Dogs

Weekly Pet Quiz: Longevity Genetics, DM and Dog's Noses

7 How to Disinfect Your Home Without Harming Your Pet

Scientists Unlock the Mystery: Why Catnip Drives Cats Wild

8 The Canine Equivalent of the Teenage Years

9 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Pet Toys

The Surprisingly Complex Social Lives of Snakes

10 The Many Reasons Why Dogs Shed Their Hair

11 The Taboo Protein Hiding in up to 20% of Pet Foods

12 7 Signs Your Pet May Be Developing Diabetes

13 Spaying and Neutering Options Can Avoid Adverse Effects

Weekly Pet Quiz: Pet Poison, Pet Toys and Dog Hair

14 3 Reasons Your Dog and Cat Shouldn't Share Their Food

How 'Numerical Competence' Helps Wild Animals Survive

15 A Solution for Sick and Contagious Imported Dogs?

16 These Playful Exotic Pets Need Loving Homes Too

How to Protect Wildlife and Help Injured Animals

17 When Natural Hormonal Changes Go Awry in Female Dogs

18 10 Easy-to-Miss, Strange Signs of a Stressed Pet

19 Banned in Human Foods, yet Still Allowed in Your Pet's Food

20 Why Shaving Your Pet Could Be a Big Mistake

Weekly Pet Quiz: Desexing, Imported Dogs and Ferrets

21 Is Your Cat Hiding Her Arthritis Pain?

Penguin's Role in His Mate's Miraculous Recovery

22 Your Dog Doesn't Seem Right? The Great Imitator May Be Why

23 The Pet Least Likely to Survive a Snakebite

Why Are Muskrat Populations Declining?

24 5 Ways to Help Keep Your Older Dog Fit

25 The Problems With Dietary Fiber in Pet Foods

26 Human Food Leftovers Aren't By-Products

27 An Easy Answer to Stress-Related Gastric Upset?

Weekly Pet Quiz: Arthritis, Snake Bites and Fiber

28 How to Help Avoid the No. 1 Reason Cats Become Homeless

Endangered Wolf Pups Born in North Carolina Zoo

29 Dogs and Vacuums: Can They Live Together in Harmony?

30 What's Behind Your Aging Cat's Quirky Behavior?

Naked Mole Rats Use Carbon Dioxide to Calm Their Brains

31 Using CBD Oil in Pets With Malignancies — Does It Work?