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August 2020
1 Is Your Dog Prepared for Your Return to Work?

2 5 Ways to Help Your Arthritic Cat or Dog

3 The 3 Biggest Mistakes Owners Make With Homemade Dog Food

Weekly Pet Quiz: CBD Oil, Dog Anxiety and Aging Cats

4 The Subtle Behavior Changes in Cats That May Spell Trouble

Birds That Adapt Are Less Apt to Go Extinct

5 The Odd Canine Condition That Can Lead to a Tumor

6 What to Expect When Fostering a Dog

Animatronic Dolphins May Reimagine the Marine Park Industry

7 Why Dog Parks Aren't Always Ideal for Socialization

8 The Best Vegetables to Feed Your Dog or Cat

9 What We've Learned From 10,978 Ticks

10 Are You Underestimating Warm-Weather Hazards?

Weekly Pet Quiz: Cats, Dog Socialization and Fostering

11 The Best Food to Avoid Shrinking Kitty Syndrome

Game Changer Nominee: Neural Restoration

12 The Well-Being Checklist for Dogs 7 and Over

13 Keeping Pets Safe During Times of Domestic Violence

Bunny's Buddies Saves Dogs From Meat Trade

14 A Feel-Good Story About One Incredibly Lucky Dog

15 Why Yearly Blood Work Isn't Just an Option, It's a Necessity

16 How to Know When It's Time to Say Goodbye

17 Could CBD Oil Reduce Your Dog's Arthritis Pain?

Weekly Pet Quiz: Aging Cats, Vet Visits and Heatstroke

18 6 Cat Breeds That May Actually Like Water

Game Changer: Can Your Dog Be a Blood Donor?

19 How Dogs Use Inner Compass to Find Their Owners

20 The 'Sixth Sense' of Animals — An Earthquake Warning System?

Integrative Veterinary Care That Puts Pet Owners First

21 Live Near Water? Be Aware of This Deadly Fungus

22 Ideal Timing for Spaying or Neutering of These Breeds

23 The Only Sure Way to Know if Your Pet Is Immune to Disease

24 5 Subtle Signs Your Dog Dislikes Children

25 How to Perform CPR if Your Cat Loses Consciousness

These Mammals Help Produce Tequila, and Other Cool Bat Facts

26 'Green' up Your Indoor Space With Pet-Friendly Plants

27 An Often Overlooked Cause of Cough and Poor Appetite

Caffeine May Save Endangered Lizards From Extinction

28 Would Your Dog Rescue You if You Were in Distress?

29 Conditions That Look Like Seizures but Aren't

30 4 Compelling Reasons to Switch Your Pet's Food

31 The Best Ways to Satisfy Your Dog's Passion for Chewing