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September 2020
1 Red Alert: These Flea and Tick Products Could Harm Your Pet

Game Changer Nominee: Dr. Nick Thompson

2 The Link Between Cognitive Decline and Behavior Changes

3 Working From Home in Harmony With Your Pet

Integrative Veterinary Game Changer Helps Florida Pets

4 Boost Your Dog Petting IQ With These Insider Tips

5 Is a Thyroid Problem Causing Your Pet's Wasting or Obesity?

6 The 4 Most Important Factors That Influence Dog Obesity

7 Identifying the Root Cause of Anal Gland Issues

8 10 Ways to Jeopardize Your Cat's Trust

Furry Pets Benefit Children at Risk of Allergies

9 The Great Misunderstanding About Separation Anxiety

10 The Myth That Rabbits Are 'Easy' Pets

Adorable Pets Who Just Can't Resist Yoga

11 The Unexpected Hidden Genetic Potential of Purebred Dogs

12 One of the Most Healing Foods You Can Feed Your Pet

13 Why Scientists Want to Reduce Chemical Pest Treatments

14 Howls, Growls and Whines — What Do They All Mean?

15 Today's Game Changer: Caring for the Pet Caregivers

Rescue Dog and Cat Share the Love

16 6 Things to Do if Your Dog Is 7 Years or Older

17 Game Changer Empowers Owners to Help Heal Their Pets

Once Unable to Walk, This Cat Now Fosters At-Risk Cats

18 How Do You Choose the Right Dog Walker?

19 What's It Like to Have a Three-Legged Pet?

20 When Is the Best Time to Spay or Neuter Your Mixed-Breed Dog?

21 How Your Behavior Influences Your Dog

Diver: 450-Pound Grey Seals Are Gentle and Intelligent

22 Game Changer Offers Hope and Healing for Horses and Humans

23 Why Giving Your Dog Prebiotics Could Be a Big Mistake

Husky Sings His Heart Out

24 Homeopathic Game Changer: How to Raise 'Wildly Healthy' Pets

25 A Dog's Wagging Tail – Not a Guarantee of Friendliness

Dog Makes Baby Laugh Hysterically