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"Novel Discovery Helps to Stimulate, Exercise, and Keep Your Dog Constructively Busy — Even When You're Not Home... "

How well does your dog behave when you leave him or her to go to work or play — or to go on vacation?

Does your dog turn into a wreck… become hyperactive, or growl or howl? Or does s/he destroy your home in an effort to keep occupied while you are gone?

Now when you leave your companion at home, absence might not make your heart grow fonder. The key is to understand that bored dogs are often destructive dogs.

Your Dog and His "Social Meter"

playful dogs

Dogs are pack animals. They're loyal and dependent socially upon their 'pack' -- which is you when your dog lives in your home!

You're probably aware that your dog has an intense attachment to you. So when you start packing for vacation, or getting ready for work... and you're running around trying to get stuff done, your dog's 'sixth sense' takes over and tells them that they will soon be alone.

And alone does not sound good to them. In fact, it sounds downright dreadful.

So dogs howl to let you know they don't like it. Or follow you around with puppy dog eyes while you're getting ready. Your dog may bark all day while you're gone... cry their hearts out... chew on things... or who knows what else?

Let me repeat...

Bored Dogs are Destructive Dogs

Because after you've been gone for awhile, your dog quits sulking and starts looking for something to do other than lie around bored in an empty house all day.

Enter destructive behavior. They live for the moment their pack returns. But in the meantime...

They may help themselves to your socks, shoes, or clothing left lying around, your furniture, your kitchen cabinets, your child's stuffed animals, or whatever they can find to relieve their boredom.

So your dog--who protects you and loves you, now creates frustration when you return home from wherever you've been.

What to do...?

Five Ways to Enhance Your Canine Companion's Best Health

Your happy-go-lucky four-legged friend provides you with constant unconditional love, devotion, friendship -- and even health benefits. (Dogs are shown to bring joy, relieve stress, encourage exercise, raise morale, boost self-confidence and self-esteem.)

dog companion

So naturally, you want to keep your dog as healthy as possible. Here are some tips to help:

  1. Feed your dog an appropriate raw diet for their body. This means high protein with a few veggies -- not a corn or animal by-product based diet of kibble (fake food). Pet owners and vets have witnessed vast health improvements doing this. Benefits include proper weight, cleaner teeth, more active and less achy, reduced flea problems, and a happier disposition.

  2. Supplement your dog's diet with omega-3 oils. If you feed your dog kibble, supplement with small sardines (the ones canned in water, one sardine per day for toy breeds, 2-3 sardines for medium dogs and more for large dogs) to supply omega-3 oils. Alternatively, an organic free-range chicken egg on alternate days adds nutrients and variety. Reduce his kibble accordingly, or you may find the caloric intake too great.

  3. Keep your dog fit. It can add years to your dog's life, and give your dog a better quality of life. (Just like it will for you.) Provide at least one opportunity each day for your dog to get exercise.

  4. Provide your dog with chew treats. They provide pleasure, mental and physical exercise, and make your dog easier to live with. Plus, they help keep your dog's gums and teeth healthy. Avoid rawhide, as it provides no nutrition and can cause stomach or intestinal blockages that can be life-threatening.

    Also avoid gluten-based treats (due to potential allergens). Raw bones are best, providing natural glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and calcium. Watch your dog while chewing -- heavy chewers can destroy a large knucklebone in a short time, causing a heavy digestive load.

  5. Encourage mental health and agility with food-stuffed toys. They provide an interesting challenge and stimulate your dog's brain.

Novel NEW Way to Blast Away  Guilt About Leaving Your Dog

Treat-Release dog toy

Dogs Who Aren't Bored
are Less Destructive!

Admittedly, leaving your dog is difficult... but I found something that will make it easier for you -- and your dog -- when you must leave. 

A Clever K-9 treat-release dog toy will provide hours of mental stimulation and a feast of fun your dog!

The toy has small openings on either end through which you insert small treats, kibble, or raw food for your dog. As they roll it around and play with it, the treats or food falls out.  Typically freezing it allows your dog an opportunity to keep occupied for many hours while you are away.

Certainly not a replacement for taking them for a walk or run, or playing fetch in your yard or a park, but it will help distract them from their grief over separation from you.

However, it's much more than just a distraction.

Think about how dogs lived before they were widely domesticated. They hunted, foraged, and scavenged for food. They had to work for their food, and chew vigorously when they found it. No lying around all day for those dogs.

Unfortunately, after dogs became domesticated, they also began to be 'deserted' due to long work hours and commutes, and leisure activities that don't include them. Now, I know that wasn't your intention. It's simply a fact of 21st century life.

The dogs of yesteryear were active, not passive. Clever K-9 motivates your dog to be more active today. And will make you feel better about having to leave your dog.

Five Reasons Your Dog Wants Clever K-9 Today

Treat-Release dog toy

De-Stress Your Dog with
Clever K-9

If your dog could talk, they would tell you that they want their own Clever K-9 now for these five reasons.

  1. Inspires genius... Clever K-9 is a puzzle for your dog to solve, stimulating their brain, their curiosity... and enhancing their problem-solving skills. It brings dogs back to their hunting and foraging roots by allowing them to work for their food. And food is a fabulous motivator for your dog.

  2. Constructive chewing... Every dog loves to chew. Now you can satisfy their desire to chew with something besides your household possessions, clothing, shoes, and other items they might destroy or damage. Just stuff Clever K-9 with food or a treat, let your dog's olfactory senses take over, and you've encouraged chewing on an object of your choosing. How sweet is that? Gone is the worry that your dog will destroy your home while you're away.

  3. De-stress your dog, especially at separation time... Your dog's separation anxiety can be alleviated by giving your dog something else to focus on... like Clever K-9. They now have a new focal point. They are rolling and shaking that toy in pursuit of food.

  4. Forces your dog to eat more slowly... Now because they have to work for their food, it forces a 'gulper' to slow down and eat one piece at a time. Eating slowly is much better for your dog's health because it reduces bloating from gulping air. Clever K-9 gives your dog a hunting and foraging challenge at mealtime. Dogs love to hunt for their dinner.

  5. Gives your dog exercise even when you don't have time to take them for a walk or run... Clever K-9 gets and keeps your dog moving for as long as it takes them to dislodge the food you've inserted. That could be many hours, depending on what you put in. It's also excellent for dogs who need to lose some weight as it will increase their exercise and slow down their eating.

But that's just part of the story...

Clever K-9 is Veterinarian Recommended

I chose Clever K-9 for Mercola Healthy Pets because I believe it to have some distinct advantages over other treat-release toys on the market...**

Clever K-9's Advantages Over Other Treat-Release Toys

For one thing, Clever K-9 is a very challenging treat-release toy compared to others. The toy is designed as a problem solving treat-release game rather than a chew toy (one for jaw exercise only).

Caution for Owners of Heavy Chewers, Puppies, and 'Teenage' Dogs:

Many Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Labrador, English Bulldog, Boston Terrier and Corgi dogs play rough with their Clever K-9s for a long time without destroying their toy. But you know your dog best. If your dog is a known 'toy destroyer' with other very durable rubber toys, then Clever K-9 may not be the ideal toy for him or her.

Puppies and 'teenage' dogs may have a stronger chewing instinct and may need supervision. If this is true of your dog, please remove Clever K-9 as soon as your dog removes the treats, until they're past this stage.

Concerned about products made in China for your dog? (Considering the number of recent problems with dog food, lead paint, and so on...)

Choose Clever K-9 as your worry-free option. Clever K-9 is made right here in America, from durable space-age, FDA-approved materials. Perfect for your pet... and perfect for your peace of mind.

Caption: Clever K-9 is Your Smart, American-Made Option to Keep Your Dog Occupied and Entertained]

It's convenient, too. You can clean Clever K-9 in your dishwasher. Or with water and soap. Either way, the large cross-cut hole design on each end makes it easy to clean.

Plus, for your convenience, you can stuff food into several Clever K-9s at once on an evening or weekend, and store them in your freezer. That way they're ready for quick retrieval as you dash out the door, or when you return home from work.

So, what's the best way for you to help your dog use their Clever K-9?

Four Ways to Use Clever K-9

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to figure out how to get at the
treats in their Clever K-9!

Just upload it to a video site like
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  1. Clever K-9 is an excellent bounce and fetch toy. The material and shape of the toy causes a wild unpredictable bounce that will increase your dog's speed and agility, while giving them exercise. And they'll think it's great fun.

  2. Clever K-9's vertical bubble design makes a great handle for human hands in a rousing game of tug-of-war with your dog.

  3. Clever K-9 floats too, so it's great for use at the lake or pool.

  4. But one of the special features of Clever K-9 is the ability to stuff it with food or treats, and let your dog solve the food-release puzzle.

Start your dog out with easy to remove treats, small dry pieces of food or kibble. Treats should be small enough to come out easily when you roll the toy on the floor with your hand.

Place it in front of your dog, and gently roll it around so that treats fall out of the openings. Your dog will be intrigued and will start pushing it around -- and soon will work to empty the toy.

Customize Your Clever K-9 Meals

After a couple uses, you'll be able to determine your dog's 'frustration threshold' and know how challenging to make it for them. With use, your dog will become more patient. Then you can vary the treats to make it more challenging.

smart dog Your Dog Wants Mental Stimulation, Just Like You Do.

Moist treats are far more challenging than dry ones... larger treats more challenging than smaller ones.

And yes! You can in fact, feed your dog a full meal from the Clever K-9 instead of a bowl. It is designed to hold a large volume of food. Dogs love 'hunting' for their dinner.

Select your filling based on your dog's individual skill level.

Try these special treats that your dog will salivate over...

  • Dehydrated chicken strips (made in the USA), beef liver, lamb lung, or turkey bites

  • Dog biscuits or dog cookies made with non-allergenic coconut flour

  • Strips of cheese

  • Small pieces of meat: chicken, beef, lamb or turkey

  • Beef & Bison Bites

Moist fillings like peanut butter, almond butter, cubed cooked sweet potato, liverwurst and cream cheese can also be used, and will keep your dog busy for a long time.

If your dog is a real 'canine genius', you can use combinations of moist and dry food to fill it. Try stuffing a large dog biscuit inside, and then packing peanut butter down through the holes. Combining large dry treats with moist ones make the hunt much more difficult.

Keep Your Dog 'Cool as a Cucumber'

An awesome way to keep your dog cool and comfortable during hot summer weather is to pack it with something moist like pumpkin and freeze it. Then remove it from the freezer to let your dog enjoy the coolness of mouthing the Clever K-9 for hours as it thaws.

A word of warning though... Frozen treats like this increase the difficulty level for your dog. Be sure their 'frustration threshold' is ready for that.

Inspire Your Dog by Showing Your Love

Your dog is completely dependent on you to provide for their daily needs -- including the need for intellectual and physical stimulation. I doubt you could increase his loyalty to you...

But if your dog could talk, I'm sure they'd ask you for a Clever K-9 to give them new enthusiasm for their days. It's not a replacement for companionship with you, but it's a great complement to that.

Your dog will love all of it... the funny bounces of 'bounce and fetch', the 'tug-of-war' with you, the pool and lake summer fun, the hunting and foraging for meals.

Ahhh... 'The Life of Riley'! All dogs should have such perks.

The great thing is that these doggie perks come very reasonably priced. Compared to the cost of damage to your home from attempting to escape boredom and loneliness, it's a downright bargain.

made in the usa

That shoe that he chewed up? Worth anywhere from $60 to $400 to replace the pair. The couch he gnawed on? From $800 and up to the heavens.

By comparison, your investment in your dog's health and happiness with the new Clever K-9 is just $14.97, a mere fraction of the cost of replacing expensive items in your home.

Beyond the dollar cost, your exasperation and frustration when your dog is destructive has hidden costs -- to your 'social meter', morale, stress levels... and your guilt at leaving them alone so much.

So take action today. Reduce your stress -- and your dog's. Give your dog a challenge and a boredom buster. You just may find that your dog is happier and more sociable. And healthier -- giving you more years together.

Order your Clever K-9 today. Or for an even better deal, order a package of three or six and have some for your freezer for early-morning and after-work convenience.

Reserve your Clever K-9 Mini (for smaller dogs fifteen pounds or less) today! Hurry and get your order in now. We expect our current supply to run out quickly.

Clever K9 for Small Dog

Clever K9
Treat-Release Dog Toy
for Small Dogs under 15lbs

Out of Stock Notice: Due to high demand, these products are temporarily out of stock. We expect to have a supply soon, so please keep posted. Thank you for supporting!

  • Clever K-9 Treat-Release Mini Dog Toy

I am so confident that you will be happy with your purchase, that I am providing you with my 30-Day Unopened Return Protection! In the event you find something elsewhere, change your mind, or give the item as a gift, you can return it.

In order to get a full refund* (less shipping charges), Clever K9 Treat-Release Dog Toy must be returned unopened within 30 days of receipt.

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THIS IS NOT A CHEW TOY. Please supervise your dogs when playing with this, and all toys. Clever K9 has been tested by real dogs. However, your dog's safety is your responsibility. Inspect this toy frequently, if it is damaged or worn, please replace it immediately. This product is not for consumption.