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Cute Pet Videos

Click on the links below to enjoy these cute and funny pet videos.

Corgi Runs in Her Sleep

Published 07-10-2015 12:00 AM

Fia, a Corgi, is a runner wannabe, lying on her side so her toenails keep beat with a song on the radio.

Bicyclists Encounter Bobcat and Coyote

Published 07-09-2015 12:00 AM

During a leisurely ride through River Legacy Park in Arlington, Texas, a pair of bicyclists encounter not just one, but two specimens of the wild – a young coyote and a bobcat.

Why Cat Moms Are “Pawsome”

Published 07-08-2015 12:00 AM

They listen, they communicate, they’re fun to play with, have lots of patience… All these things and more demonstrate how “purrfect” cat moms are at adoring their kittens!

Crow: “I’m Just Messin’ with Ya…”

Published 07-07-2015 12:00 AM

At least this crow knows his limits… A young man sitting on bleachers outdoors keeps finding that when he looks behind him, a pesky crow is edging ever closer.

Dog with Big Stick Encounters Narrow Bridge

Published 07-06-2015 12:00 AM

Walking in the woods one day, a beautiful chocolate Lab carrying a huge stick in his mouth is stopped by a narrow bridge. You can almost see those wheels turning…

Water Walking Cat

Published 07-05-2015 12:00 AM

Who said cats hate water? This cute orange cat walks around in a pool that has a little water in it, placidly batting at a few leaves floating about…

July 4th Pet Party and Summer Safety Tips

Published 07-04-2015 12:00 AM

Summertime means fun in the sun with your pets, but before your next adventure, check out these summer safety tips.

Merlin’s Purr Is the Loudest in the World!

Published 07-03-2015 12:00 AM

Adopted from a shelter as a kitten, Merlin has attracted worldwide attention: His 100-decibel purr is so loud, it’s compared to a hand drill or lawnmower!

Newborn Lamb Adopted by Golden Retriever

Published 07-02-2015 12:00 AM

Born during a powerful storm and rejected by her mother, an adorable black and white lamb is adopted by a sweet Golden Retriever, Tammy, who acts as her surrogate.

Cat Exhibits Impressive Evasive Maneuver

Published 07-01-2015 12:00 AM

Two cats are strolling through the house one day when one decides to pounce on the other. The second cat responds like a feline 007 – was that a forward tuck rotation?

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