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Stepping Into the Breach, From Pastry Chef to Veterinarian

25 Jun 2022

Dr. Barbara Royal embarked on a different path to her career in veterinary medicine, and even once there she wasn't fully satisfied. Unable to embrace the bags of processed pet food lining the shelves of the clinic where she practiced, she took a brave step into the void.

Using Your Heart's Compassion to Help Your Pet Heal

18 Jun 2022

What does it take to be a positive animal guardian? According to our newest Game Changer who has been practicing for 45 years, this hidden force determines how long your pet will be with you, regardless of treatment. Tuning into these two variables can help you support your pet's care.

A Community Is Saving Dogs and Kids, Against All Odds

11 Jun 2022

Imagine trying to save animals where animal control doesn't even exist. With strays and packs of dogs everywhere, including some dead on the roads, Game Changer Keith Benning transformed an impossible situation with the help of his community and inspiration from two mangy canines.

A Touching Tribute to the Rescue That Doesn't Say No

04 Jun 2022

Game Changer Wendy Johnson has made it her mission to save dogs that fall into this category - a group with only a 25% chance of getting adopted from a shelter and a nearly 50% chance of being euthanized; a real tragedy considering how these dogs are typically so full of life and love.

How Grief Can Influence a Veterinarian

28 May 2022

Dr. Erica grew up with parents who weren't 'animal people,' but that didn't stop her from discovering the goodness in animals and their powerful effects on humans. When Smokey the cat entered her life before vet school, little did she know that relationship would determine the future of her career.

Giving the Sick and Injured a Second Chance at Life

21 May 2022

Pam Lookabill started out as an emergency medical technician paramedic saving human lives. Then, one day, an animal in need crossed her path and changed everything. Dedicated to providing care to those who need it most, Pam has become a real game changer for shelters and feral communities.

Doctor Inspired by Those Who Healed Their Own Pets

14 May 2022

With a start in conventional veterinary medicine, Dr. Henry Stephenson quickly found his treatment toolbox limiting. That's when he started listening to some of his regular clients who had healed their pets' health issues themselves. This one treatment modality continues to astound him the most.

Helping Wildlife and Community Ecosystems on a Grand Scale

07 May 2022

Far beyond saving a few dozen animals each year, certified veterinarian practice manager Hope Swinimer's facility took in more than 7,000 animals last year alone. Operating without any funding from the government, she reminds us of the one central truth about nature that we can't afford to forget.

The Game Changer Who Dreams of 'Going Out of Business'

30 Apr 2022

Jeanne Strack began her work with needy puppies nearly 30 years ago. Today, she and her helpers have saved the lives of more than 12,000 dogs. Wanting nothing more than to go out of business because her services are no longer needed, she has an important message to share with everyone.

Dedicating Their Lives to an Often-Misunderstood Breed

23 Apr 2022

Pati Dane and her husband discovered their lives' mission more than 30 years ago when they saved a dog about to be euthanized simply because half of her face was black (atypical for the breed). When they learned how many of these dogs sat in shelters, these Game Changers took action.