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Bringing the Gift of Integrative Care Into the Home

03 Dec 2022

What's even better than a local veterinary clinic that provides alternative modalities such as acupuncture, Chinese medicine and laser therapy? House calls! That's what our newest Game Changer, Dr. Peggy LaCombe, is doing - giving her patients the gift of in-home integrative care.

A Passion for Foxes, the Wildly Misunderstood Animal

26 Nov 2022

Game Changer Mikayla Raines spends her days rescuing surrendered, abandoned and abused domestic foxes bred in captivity, either as pets or at fur farms. And she spends her time educating people about how owning one of these beautiful, adorable creatures can be a tremendous challenge.

Hats Off to Saving 800,000 Cats and Dogs Since 2003

19 Nov 2022

In a country that has 10 to 12 million dogs on the streets and thousands in shelters, saving lives isn't easy, even when the animals are treated as part of society. Now with Dr. Ala's compassionate care, Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand is changing one animal and one person at a time.

Teacher Quits Job to Save Street Dogs in Thailand

12 Nov 2022

In Tamara Johnston's local community in Thailand, people in general don't like dogs. And for the many abandoned dogs living on the streets, poisoning, abuse and starvation are a way of life. Following her heart, our newest Game Changer nominee decided to make a difference in these dogs' lives.

Game-Changing Therapy Improves Lives of Pets and Owners

05 Nov 2022

Armed with only processed prescription food, Dr. Judy Morgan felt like she had nothing to offer her patients. After deciding to expand her knowledge, she stumbled onto a therapy that would not only transform the lives of patients she had never before been able to help, but benefit their owners, too.

The Open-Minded Advantage to Working With Animals

22 Oct 2022

According to Dr. Ryn Marlowe, about 90% of what vets see in the exam room isn't what they learn to treat in veterinary school, but rather conditions related to lifestyle. That realization convinced this game changer to take a different approach once she started her own independent practice.

Veterinary Burnout Cured by Discovering Integrative Care

15 Oct 2022

Frustrated by her limited conventional veterinary tool box, and on the brink of changing careers, Dr. Deirdre Farr made a discovery that would dramatically alter her life. Even though she retired from veterinary care in 2019, her passion to help animals won't allow her to leave.

Healing the Whole Pet With Natural and Alternative Therapies

08 Oct 2022

For many years, Dr. Andrea Carlson worked under a mentor who insisted that natural medicine wasn't real. Once she realized she was treating the same things over and over again, she set out to prove 'hopeless' cases aren't always hopeless when you're willing to take a more holistic approach.

Using the Right Tool in the Right Situation

01 Oct 2022

While Western medicine can save lives, there are conditions that don't respond well to conventional care. Our newest Game Changer - an expert in integrative modalities - is building bridges with local veterinarians to provide pets with the best care.

11th-Hour Rescue Saving Lives in High-Kill State

24 Sep 2022

The third highest state in the country for euthanasia of homeless pets, many of its shelters don't even have rescue programs. Our latest Game Changer, Molly Goldston, has made it her mission to work with shelters to save as many animals as she can once they are placed on euthanasia lists.