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Saving Those Most in Need of Love and Companionship

23 Oct 2021

Imagine if you made it your life's mission to go out of your way to find elderly and terminally ill dogs who might otherwise never experience love and companionship. Our newest Game Changer, Karen Cole, is doing just that, and it all started with her rescuing Lizzy from a life on a chain for 13 years.

Providing Hope and Security for Small Dogs in Need

16 Oct 2021

Laurie Weston, a passionate dog rescuer in the Dallas, TX area, feels blessed to be able to not only help find homes for surrendered, abandoned, neglected and abused dogs, but also to be there for homeless dogs at the end of their lives.

Game Changer Provides a Loving Lifeline to Dog Families

09 Oct 2021

Much more than a boarding facility, Tamara Belotti's Dancing Creek Farm and Haven Mia Bella provide a transformational program for mental and physical health to benefit both dogs and their owners, even in the midst of stressful - and life-threatening - situations.

Abused and Unwanted Animals Are Her Passion

02 Oct 2021

At just 22, game changer Kate Sears is all-in on her life's mission to give every unwanted, abused animal who crosses her path a second chance.

Helping Owners of Deaf Dogs Break Through the Barriers

18 Sep 2021

When our newest Game Changer adopted her first deaf dog, she experienced unexpected challenges. Her dog, Nitro, was super detached and wouldn't even look at her. With so few resources to help, she forged ahead and created her own to help others.

Game Changer Helping Animals Feel Understood

04 Sep 2021

Your pet responds to your mood and energy, and if something upsets you, it can lead to confusion in your pet. Here's how today's Game Changer, Shelly Gibbs, helps owners connect with their pets so their animals can feel relieved that they're finally being understood and getting their needs met.

Game Changer Improving Lives Through Nature and Knowledge

28 Aug 2021

Maria Gargari discovered the power of raw and fresh foods 'by accident' after seeing how much these foods improved the health of her two dogs. Ever since, she's been spreading the word and urging pet owners to listen to their intuition and older knowledge from family and nature.

The Final Verdict: The Best Way to Feed Your Pet

07 Aug 2021

This week we've explored the pros and cons of feeding your dog or cat commercially processed foods. Depending on your circumstances, the ideal meal may include a combination of foods, but one scientifically proven fact stands out about what's best for your pet.

Budget-Friendly Tips to Improve Your Pet’s Meals

06 Aug 2021

In order to offer the best nutrition to your dog or cat, it's best to keep an open mind to all of your choices. To improve your pet's nutrition, follow this guiding principle, no matter your budget, family situation or lifestyle.

The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask About a Food

05 Aug 2021

It really doesn't make a difference as to who makes a pet food or where it comes from. Rather, these three details matter greatly, even though few people talk about them, with one you can even monitor on your own. Here's what to look for.