Dr. Becker's Real Stories

Each month, Dr. Becker writes about a pet she has treated using a proactive, integrative approach to healing and wellness.

The goal of Real Stories is to help pet owners gain a deeper understanding of the nature and benefits of holistic, integrative veterinary care. By presenting actual patients and details of the healing protocols Dr. Becker uses with them, we move readers beyond theory to real world application.

You can read about Angel, a gorgeous Husky with a strange, debilitating autoimmune disorder. And Biddie, a senior kitty who came to Dr. Becker with severe, uncontrollable diabetes. And then there's sweet Tate, a Norwegian Elkhound with terminal cancer who is spending her final days with her family in joyful comfort.

We hope you'll find Dr. Becker's Real Stories of healing and hope informative, encouraging... even inspirational!

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