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Woman Saves Difficult Dog From Euthanasia

A shelter dog had little or no experience with humans, which made her difficult. This woman knew she had to help her to save her from the next step: to have her put down.

How to Reunite a Baby Squirrel With His Mom

When this guy found a tiny baby squirrel, he had no idea what to do. Then he found an article that explained how to reunite the baby with his mom, and it worked brilliantly!

Dog Greets His Favorite Human With the Zoomies

He knows it’ll be his favorite human who’ll pick him up from doggie daycare, but this pup can’t contain his elation. He might ride home quietly, but the zoomies come next!

Special Needs Dogs Find Each Other

Realizing Roo’s potential, this foster dad worked with him until he was ready to be adopted by someone with another special dog. Before long, the two pups were true siblings.

Rescuing Dogs No One Else Wants

This veteran dog rescuer always tries to be calm and positive for her furry charges, but when she met Freddy, a tiny, incredibly special dog, she couldn’t help crying.

Puppy Mill Pup Finds His Forever Home

Charlie Brown had been in a puppy mill all his life and was so nervous he couldn’t even walk. Shy and gentle, little by little he learned to play, wag his tail and even play catch!

Blind Dog Adopted by Mother-Daughter Team

While this dog seemed very agitated in the shelter where she was taken because she was blind, a guy took on the task of finding her the perfect home, and was successful!

Enveloped in Fishing Lines, a Sea Turtle Needs Help

A woman sought help when she found a huge sea turtle on the beach completely enveloped in fishing line. Rescuers soon cut him free and returned him to the ocean.

Cuddlebug Cat Never Gets Tired of Kisses

Archie is such a kissable cat that even when his human is only gone long enough to go to the grocery store, Archie cuddles all over him like he’s been gone for three days!

Cockatoo Tries Doing Everything Her Human Does

Since they found each other, Pepper has never spent a day without her human caretaker. She likes flying around the house, returning and landing on “Mom’s” head!

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