Cute Pet Videos

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Naptime: A Dog and His Kittens

Before cozying up close to this dog for a nap, notice how one kitten places his paw on the dog’s nose to expedite a spit bath! But that’s okay; the dog is too sleepy to notice!

Pair of Parrots Speak Different Languages

Here’s a boost of cheer for the day: With little prompting needed, Marnie, a friendly parrot, chats up his friend Mr. Pretty Bird, getting chirps and twitter noises in response.

This Cat Might Have a Water Fixation

Cooper is one kitty that loves water, including water in a glass, a pot on the stove, the bathroom sink, an aquarium and the bathtub! He loves patting it to see how it behaves.

You Could Call This Guy the ‘Bunny Whisperer’

Like a pied piper without the flute, this guy clicks his tongue to get a fluffle of wild baby bunnies to run right out from under the bush where they’re hiding. Talk about adorable!

Fluffy Kitten Thinks She’s a Dog

Introduced to Lilo as a tiny kitten, Rosie just thinks she’s one of the dogs of the house! They do everything together, but she must wonder why Lilo can’t chase her up a tree!

First Footage: Nighttime Clownfish Hatching

A never-before-seen phase of clownfish development is shown via a special infrared camera in the Great Barrier Reef — the nighttime hatching of larvae from their eggs.

Timid Stray Cat Wants to Join the Family

As much as he wanted to join this family, this cat had to overcome his fear first. When he finally let them pet him, they knew it was time for Yoshi to meet the house kitty, Arlo!

A Big Dog Helps Woman Overcome Her Fear

Nervous about the “unpredictability” of dogs, this woman was willing to relax and let a pet expert gradually introduce her to larger breeds to increase her confidence. Success!

Dog Offers His Paw, but Not Without Complaining

Logan is a cute 2-year-old German shepherd, but right at the moment his heart isn’t into shaking hands. He’ll offer you a paw when asked, but not without adding a little whine!

Miniature Dachshund Pup Is Nervous on the Stairs

Errol, a miniature dachshund, may learn something today. He’s gone up, but now he’s afraid to go down the stairs, so he uses his ferocious bark to get his human to help him out!

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