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Mama Dog Just Wanted Her Pups To Be Warm

A ramshackle, abandoned house was the place a female dog found shelter, but when she had pups one freezing night, finding and saving them in time worried her rescuers.

Independent Dog Gets a Pet: A Cat

It took some forethought for this guy to introduce his rather indulged pup, Cairo, to their new cat, Sultan. They were “iffy” until he saw they both needed his attention as well.

Scared, Bullied Senior Dog Finds a Home

So scared he’d simply shut down, an older dog needed a vet’s care after being rescued. Thanks to a foster mom and then his forever family, he learned to wag his tail again!

Cop Makes Sure Duck Family Makes It Home

It’s heartwarming to watch the special care a police officer took to make sure a mother duck and her tiny ducklings made it all the way across town to their home at the lake.

New Kittens Help Pit Bull Recover From a Broken Heart

After a final goodbye to the two cats their heartbroken pittie had come to love, a couple decided it might be good to bring home a pair of foster kitties so he wouldn’t be alone.

Lost, Freezing Dog Is Carried 6 Miles Down a Mountain

Finding a dog lost and freezing on a remote mountain in Ireland, this couple went the extra mile — literally. They gave him food, a coat and carried him 6 miles down.

Antisocial Cat Becomes 'Dad' to a Playful Kitten

Sad, abandoned and ill, Phoenix was in rough shape and reluctant to show affection, even with his rescuers. Then, a tiny kitten named Ruby changed everything for him.

'Dog Person's' View of Cats Has Completely Changed

From the moment Andrea entered the shelter and sat down, little Paquito’s first move was to settle on her lap for a nap. “That’s when I knew, ‘This is my cat,’” she said.

Dogs Spend Their Golden Years at This Pet Retirement Home

“We have dogs come to live with us until the end of their life, and we make sure (it’s) full of love and caring,” says the director of this all-volunteer dog retirement home.

Golden Retriever Learns How Sweet Ducklings Are!

Someone placed a duckling near this golden retriever resting on the couch, and the duck was eager for a chat! Junie seemed alarmed at first, but soon, she was smitten!

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