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Dog and Pig Are Best Buddies

It’s not often that a French bulldog and a pig become best buddies, but these guys take it to a whole new level, sharing beach time, car rides, bubble baths and warm cuddles.

French Bulldog Puppy Says 'I Love You'

If you didn’t hear it for yourself, you might not believe how clearly this tiny, adorable puppy repeats his favorite human’s words “I love you” in the squeakiest voice ever!

Divers Experience Whales Face to Face

A Canadian videographer traveled to Tonga, one of the few places in the world where people can get in the water to experience whales face to face, and today was that day!

Golden Retriever Smitten by Newborn Kittens

While newborn kittens get gentle “spit baths” from their mama, this golden retriever can’t take his eyes off them, and later sits with them snuggled safely between his paws.

Puppy With Swimmer's Syndrome Can Run Now

Hugo was so helpless but so adorable that he found a foster family to help. Even with setbacks, the love, therapy and encouragement helped him run to join his new family!

Guinea Pigs Unfazed by Dog's Crazy Antics

Two unflappable guinea pigs are munching on their lettuce in the yard when a lunging, barking dog does his best to rattle them. Apparently, they’ve seen these tricks before!

Service Dog Joyfully Reunited With His Mom

Sully, a loyal service dog for former President George H.W. Bush, was about to start a new job, but first, he was reunited with the mom he hadn’t seen since he was a puppy.

Tiny Fawn Rescued by Boat

When a tiny, spotted fawn was rescued from the middle of a lake, it needed immediate help. Saving it by boat, this guy went out of his way to reunite the fawn with its mama.

Puppy Found Dumped With Her Doghouse

A woman who spotted a doghouse on a roadside stopped to see if there was something inside. Sure enough, the resident puppy was happy to be rescued. She was named Jila.

Abandoned Kittens Find a Home

Abandoned, these kitten siblings were left to fend for themselves. Fostered by a caring woman who took on their challenges, both kittens were eventually adopted together.

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