Cute Pet Videos

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Rescue Squirrel Asks To Be Adopted

Peanut introduced himself to Brian and Lizzy as they were walking to a nearby ice cream shop. He was limping and seemed to be asking for help. How could they say no?

Precious Puppy Is so Sleepy

A sweet puppy tries valiantly to stay awake, but seems unwilling to give up the fight. He finally gives in, lies down and curls up next to his mom, who’s a very good example!

Kitten With a Challenge Shows She's a Survivor

Born with a cleft palate that left a hole in the roof of her mouth, this tiny kitten was faced with a huge challenge even to survive. It took some time and some hard work, but she’s now thriving!

Chihuahua Naps on His Own Personal Great Dane!

The contrast in size between this large but loving Great Dane and this sleepy, heat-seeking little Chihuahua is a lot, but they have one thing in common: their friendship.

Orphaned Baby Otter Rescued

This recently orphaned baby river otter in a wildlife sanctuary is shown drinking from a baby bottle. When he’s ready, the cute little creature will be released back into the wild.

Golden Retriever Meets a Potential Fish Friend

A dog is so curious when he sees a little fish swimming around inside a countertop fish tank. When he gets close, it almost seems like the goldfish is interacting with him!

Iridescent Hummingbird Can Change Colors

Close-up footage shows a male Anna's hummingbird displaying its gorgeous feathers, which imperceptibly change from dull brown to iridescent green, teal and reddish pink.

Stray Pug Is Transformed by Love

Found roaming the streets of Austin, Dex was homeless and very sick. That must be why, as soon as he felt better, he was so friendly to all the other pets at the shelter.

This Kitten Will Instantly Make Your Day

Is there anything cuter than a newborn kitten? Seeing the world through her adorable wide eyes is almost guaranteed to make your day.

Goats Try to Master a Playground Slide

Goats love a good climbing challenge. Even the older goats want to master the kiddie slide to hone their climbing skills in case they find themselves on a rocky mountaintop!

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