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Tiny lorikeet found in Australian woman's ceiling

When a baby rainbow lorikeet was found in a ceiling in Australia, Sydney Wildlife took Peanut to be raised in an aviary, where he and four other chicks grew up beautifully!

Dogs hilariously convince stubborn husky to go for a walk

It’s time for a walk and Zeus, a husky, resists loudly as usual. When his eager foster dog and his sibling encourage him, Zeus gives in, but not without a final word!

Pair of German shepherds become 'chick sitters'

Meeting the innocent curiosity of these baby chicks, two German shepherds were curious themselves, as well as endlessly entertained and surprisingly gentle.

Stray cat wanted to join couple's adventures

From the beach to hiking trails, this cat with an irrepressible curiosity loved following an equally adventurous couple wherever they went, and proved they belonged together.

Golden retriever 'adopts' the neighbor lady

A friendly golden retriever named Cheddar is obsessed with visiting his next door neighbor every day. “I just said hello to him and he welcomed himself into my house!”

Couple provides homes for baby joeys

A woman and her husband offer a home to lost and orphaned “joeys” just like Hannah. As babies, they have several critical needs that other babies don’t, such as a pouch.

Pet alpaca, Cody, gets her own room

Cody got to choose the color of her new bedroom during a remodel designed just for her. The finished product includes alpaca art, alpaca books and her favorite part: hay!

Sweet dog is saved from a dogfighting ring

One of several dogs rescued from a notorious dogfighting ring, Ginger was very wary, but gentleness and patience (and food!) helped her adapt to friendship and a loving home.

Starving pup on a deserted island finds a home

Working as a photographer on a remote island near Belize, this guy found a severely emaciated dog and started a long journey to get the pup help and get them both home.

Tiny baby opossum grows up fast

The size of a lipstick tube, this “little alien creature” — a baby opossum — got separated from his mom and needed human intervention, and he grew very quickly!

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