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The New Kitten: Not so Shy After All!

Brooms was an adorably shy kitten when he arrived at his new home, where he met Mopps, an older cat that — at first — politely avoided his new sibling’s crazy antics!

Diver Is on 'Head Rubbing' Terms With a Shark

This shark conservationist befriends all types of sharks, including Emma, a tiger shark that “adopted” him 20 years ago when he removed four hooks. Now they swim together.

If This Wolf Picks You, It's Friendship for Life

Yuki, a gray wolf abandoned at a shelter, grew up to be particular about the company he keeps. Once he decides who’s in his pack (four women so far) it’s friendship for life.

Tiny Skunk Siblings Grow Up to Return to the Wild

“They were teeny-tiny, probably two or three days old,” said the caretaker, when a surfeit of baby skunks arrived. Crucial first steps included keeping them warm and hydrated.

Dog Sitting a Chihuahua Turned Into His Calling

Chihuahuas are the second most euthanized breed after pit bulls, but this guy turned his house, dubbed the “Island of Misfit Toys,” into a full-fledged sanctuary for the overlooked breed.

Baby Skunks Do the Cutest Thing

After giving three baby skunks food and shelter, a woman had a better understanding of unique skunk behavior, like their warning “stomps” — it’s so cute when the babies do it!

Defeated Dog Takes on a New Attitude

Taken to a rescue center and given a special diet, a neglected dog received an even more important ingredient — love — when she met the perfect forever family, with kids!

Cat Spies Fly 22 Floors Up

Zola, a cat on an ill-fated mission, tries to capture an insect tantalizing her outside the window of a high-rise, 22 floors up, in Zurich, Switzerland. But soon, the prey flies.

Ben the Rescue Chicken 'Rescues' an Egg

Of the two eggs placed in Ben the rescue chicken’s roost, one hatched, and the chick was named Bing. Soon, Ben’s “mommy mode” kicked in, and it’s so sweet to watch!

Adopting Bentley: 'He's Definitely Made Our Life Better'

After being abandoned and taken to a shelter, Bentley was noticed by a couple who couldn’t bear thinking of him sleeping on the floor of the shelter even one more night.

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