Cute Pet Videos

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Kitten Turns Guy Into a Cat Person

Willing to at least take care of the basic needs of the tiny kitten he found, this guy had no intention of getting attached. How was he to know the kitten would be this adorable?

Protective Corgi Is Everybody's Mama

Sometimes, abandoned or rejected farm babies need a mother figure, and Hannah, a 2-year-old Corgi, fits the bill perfectly. But other curious doggos better stay their distance!

Guy Pets a Cute Highland Calf, and Here Comes Mom!

Wanting his ears scratched by a guy in his pasture, a furry Highland calf was closely followed by his shaggy, horned, loudly mooing mama. Good thing they're all pals!

Nothing's Better Than Coming Home to Your Dog

When your dog's tail wags his whole body and his watchful expression turns to cries of joy when you appear, you know there's nothing better than coming home to your dog!

Three Cats Chirp at Elusive Birds Outside!

When three feline friends saw birds outside through a window — tantalizingly close but unreachable — their odd chattering noises expressed their intense desire to get closer!

'Jump Day' Is the Main Event for Wood Ducklings

Friends gather on "jump day" to watch 18 newly hatched wood ducklings jump from their nest and follow their mom over logs and other barriers to launch into a nearby stream.

Wild Ram Shows a Tetherball Who's Boss!

First, a guy hung a tetherball across a trail often used by wild rams. Then he set up a video camera, hoping for some entertaining footage, and he wasn't disappointed!

Norwegian Forest Cat Enjoying His Bathtub Time

Perhaps some cats aren't fond of getting their feet wet, but this beautiful feline in a bathtub up to his neck in water seems quite immersed in the whole experience!

Scared Pittie Wouldn't Leave the Plum Box He Was Found In

Shelter workers patiently showered sad little Plum with plush toys and love, and he responded by becoming his sweet, silly self. Soon, he found the perfect forever home.

Federally Protected Ravens Are Teachable and Talented

Mischief, a 20-year-old raven at the World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri, demonstrates how teachable this federally protected bird species is, even mimicking human speech.

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