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Deaf Dog Is Adorably Quirky

Meeting Wilma, a dog that is both deaf and adorable, it’s clear why the woman who adopted her was smitten. “She’s the one that’s deaf but the only one that listens!”

Cat Was Feral Until She Met Her Soulmate

Feral cats generally have a knee-jerk fear of everybody and everything, making it hard for rescuers to help. But food and another feral cat helped put Splatter’s mind at ease.

Sightless Adopted Cat Finds the Perfect Family

Rudy’s eye infection when he was a tiny kitten required that both eyes be removed. Seeing him at the shelter, this couple had to take him home and make his life better.

Senior Dog Wins Over a Little Boy With a Kiss

You’d never know Marcelo was once paralyzed by his fear of dogs. It took a minute, but this senior dog is now like a comfort blanket to him. All it took was one enthusiastic kiss!

6 Steps to Prepare Your Cat for a Road Trip

People asked this couple how they got their cat to be so calm whenever they put him in the car. Here are six common-sense solutions to help prepare your cat for a road trip.

Floofiest Dog Ever Helps Kids Feel Better

Since he was 13 months old, Zammy, a floofy therapy dog, has helped sick kids focus for a few minutes on his fluffy warmth instead of their pain, and he loves them back.

7 Sounds Cats Make and What They Mean

We know what’s what being communicated when a cat purrs. We also know meowing, yowling and hissing. Meowing is exclusively for humans, but what do the others mean?

Guy and His Husky Motorcycle to All 50 States

Michael had no house, car or job, but his adventurous husky, Sox, helped him attain his dream of moving to Hawaii. Here’s how: Sox accompanied him on his motorcycle.

All Grumpy Cat Needed Was This!

When her grandparents passed, Angela claimed Mackenzie, their well-loved grumpy cat. Then one day Angela discovered something: Mackenzie thrived on adventure!

Dog Helps Little Boy Overcome Nightmares

Terrible nightmares kept Tupper, a little boy with autism, from sleeping at night. Then a service dog named Lego proved to be more than a pet; he transformed Tupper’s life.

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