Cute Pet Videos

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Cat Has a Special Greeting for Her Soldier

With prompting from her other human, this cat senses the excitement about the return of her "dad," a soldier who's been gone long enough to deserve a special homecoming!

Wombat and 'Roo Babies Share the Same Pouch!

Wally, a wombat, and Buggy, a kangaroo, both lost their moms when they were very small. When they arrived at Lindoway Farm in Australia, Buggy was just all over Wally!

Clever Kitty Outsmarts Automated Cat Food Dispenser

Checking out all the moving parts of the cat food dispenser (and instinctively, the hidden video camera), Miss Kitty proceeded to use her ingenuity and dexterity to outsmart it!

Tiny Special-Needs Donkey Adapts to Home Life

Raised in the house because his liver didn't function properly, a donkey that was much too small at birth was fed from a syringe, then a bottle, until he gradually got better.

Border Collie Running Slo-Mo

From a resting position, a border collie is captured on slow-motion video achieving full-on running mode, his strides long, his muscles rippling and his fur flowing in the breeze!

Kitties in a Ball-Filled Kiddie Pool

When introduced to so much potential fun in the form of a "ball pit," these cats were surprisingly wary. They enjoyed checking them out, but weren't rambunctious like dogs!

This Is What a Sloth Says

With his shiny nose, big eyes and slow, deliberate movements, this adorable little guy loves climbing around on his custom playground at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica.

Dog's Bunny Looks a Lot Like Him!

Meet Bianmu, a coolie (another name for Australian sheepdog) and Tutu, his best bunny friend. Bianmu never gets tired of gazing at Tutu and is very gentle with her.

Dalmatian Daddy Plays With His Pups!

Louie is a great father and a beautiful Dalmatian. He spends some time playing with his pups (and they love him!). Afterward, he steals one of their toys to play with their mom!

Hungarian Sheepdog Looks Like a Mop!

This unusual, 7-year-old dog, Hanga, has overcome a lot, including lifesaving surgery. Yes, laundering her is a little labor-intensive, but like other pups, she loves having fun!

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