Cute Pet Videos

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A Sweet Foster Dog Success Story

This guy brought home a foster dog and found not only that she was probably more of a senior dog than he first thought, but that facilitating her adoption was very rewarding.

Dog Dad Bathes the Tiny Pup He 'Didn't Want'

This guy said he didn’t want a dog, yet here he is giving his tiny Chihuahua the gentlest sponge bath you ever saw. It’s clear he’s smitten, and his lovable pup seems to be, too!

Temperature Is Behind Siamese Cat's Unique Coloration

Did you know the Siamese cat’s unique coloration is dependent on temperature? Not just for humans, melanin is an enzyme that transforms these cats’ tails, toes and noses.

Caring Family Saves Ailing Baby Goat

When a family learned of a tiny baby goat so weak he almost died, his owner agreed to send Tyler home with them. With love plenty of TLC, ornery Tyler soon began to thrive!

Awkward Service Dog Bonds With Kitten

Trained as a medical response dog, Samson’s seemed ill at ease when he watched other dogs playing. But when furry kitty Cleo was adopted, his playful side emerged!

Astonishing Starling Murmuration Sequences

Thousands of starlings can be seen engaging in a seemingly choreographed flight known as a murmuration, beautifully captured by wildlife videographer Dylan Winter.

Adopted Stray Dog Wants His Human to Be Proud

Snoop is a dog with a heart, evidenced by the huge sticks he carries home. As a dog adopted from the streets, he’s grateful to be loved and wants his human to be proud!

When Your Dog's Other Favorite Human Drops In

Like a toddler overcome by Christmas, when this pup was given the good news that his other favorite human was coming over, he couldn’t control his overwhelming delight!

Cat With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Finds a Forever Home

Toby is a 6-year-old cat with a rare condition: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, but in spite of his droopy face, his cat pal Quinton takes care of him, and they were adopted together.

Emotional Dad Is Presented With a Puppy

This guy who’d lost his old dog may have thought he couldn’t possibly love another pup. Then someone handed him a big box with a cute little German shepherd puppy inside!

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