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Tiny Rescued Bear Cubs Get Ready for the Wild

Slightly dehydrated and undernourished, two tiny bear cubs were handled with care to build their strength. The next steps involved readying them for life back in the wild.

'We Have a Dwarf Horse, Can You Come Get Her?'

Wobbly Chanel, a dwarf horse, had trouble walking when she was a youngster, but thanks to lots of exercise, frequent bottle feeding and a canine friend, she can run now!

She Was Told She Couldn't, but Now Look at Her

Looking at this tiny bulldog, you may not think her personality would be anything to contend with, but don’t be fooled; she was told she wouldn’t walk, but look at her run!

Big or Small, Cats Will Be Cats

To family lap cats or wild Canadian lynx, the built-in feline drives for grooming, playing with siblings and napping to build energy for nocturnal hunting are all favorite pastimes.

Dog and Horse 'Wouldn't Be Happy Without Each Other'

The friendship an 8-week-old puppy and the resident horse formed from the moment they first met is truly remarkable. “They’ll just be full-on kissing or grooming each other.”

A Woman's Bali Vacation Changed This Pup's Life

Finding a sweet stray puppy on a scooter ride as she vacationed in Bali, a woman intended to find a shelter for the pup, but special circumstances changed her mind.

If There's an 'Adorable' Badger, Billie Is It!

A wildlife center in the Texas panhandle became home to a little lost badger. But Billie imprinted on humans at an early age, which made her story — and her life — unique.

Pit Bull Pals Wanted To Be Adopted Together

These two dogs never left each other’s side at the shelter, and held out quite a long time for a family willing to adopt them both. Then one day, their wish came true!

How Three Emaciated Kittens Survived

Beverly, Linc and Forest were on the edge of survival when their foster mom started taking care of them. Imagine her relief when the three blossomed into cuddle bugs!

Abandoned Dog Adopts the Seafaring Life

Arriving in his kayak on the island of Sardinia, Sergi found a scruffy, hungry dog he named Nirvana — a seafaring canine that joined him on his journey.

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